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Natural & Organic Products Made with Love

Hi, I'm Nadine and I've been making my own products for a while now and figured it was time to share.....
All ingredients are natural or organic and can be made to order. I put my heart and soul into my blends as I want you to enjoy them as much as my family and I do.
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Customer Service. Looking out for you.

Your satisfaction is my priority, I pride myself on blending only top quality products with a first class service that delivers to your door. Each product is made by hand and will differ in its own uniqueness. All products are natural & a list of all products used can be found below. If you have any issues or problems, please get in touch, and we'll fix them.

The Luxury of Luxury.

Each bath bomb is made with pure natural aromatherapy oils. Bombs can be made to order by size, shape, colour & scent. You can have plain, glitter or crystal effect at no extra cost, just state your preference when ordering.
Each bath bomb is heavily laced with Epsom Salts & essential oils. A half hour soak will sooth your tired aching muscles whilst Bicarbonate of Soda cleanses & Vitamin C & therapeutic oils soothe your skin. 

Note; Unnatural scents such as Candy Floss, Baby Powder etc are oils of vegan friendly synthetic .

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