Teeth & Gum Paste

Teeth & Gum Paste

Teeth & Gum paste blend is a natural mineral rich clay that removes toxins & impurities from the teeth & gums. Bad breath is eliminated & oral health & hygiene is improved. Minerals in our saliva help rebuild enamel to prevent tooth decay, the mineral in this Teeth & Gum Blend provide the basis for this remineralisation by encouraging this action therefore naturally helping to heal minor decay & damaged enamel. As Bentonite Clay neutralises acids in the mouth caused by sugars & toxins which thrive in the warm environment the Ph balance is restored preventing gum disease. These actions are aided with therapeutic oils that pack powerful anti-inflammmatory, anti-bacterial & anti-microbial making it a good defender from infections. reduce inflammation & attack harmful bacteria in the mouth. All natural, Fluoride free, chemical free, no additives, no caking agents. Try it, protect & improve the teeth you have, protect & improve your gum health, and smile, while you still have teeth.

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