Therapeutic Bath Bombs

Range from £2.50 - £7.00
Aromatherapy dates back hundreds of years & we know aromas can stir memories, aromatherapy oils can also relax or invigorate us. They can have a physical effect in that they can soothe skin, muscles, and help balance and clear the mind. The therapeutic oils used in NN bath bombs are pure aromatherapy oils with quality properties that claim the above reputation. Heavily laced with Epsom Salts, renown for easing muscle pain, blended with Bicarbonate of Soda to cleanse and Vitamin C to nourish, your skin will appreciate the loving attention & glow with gratitude. Note; Colouring are of high quality food grade & do not stain enamel bathtubs. Glitter is easily washed away. Petals may have to be collected.

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